Django Settings

All settings in oscarcch.settings can be overridden by in your Django project’s settings file.

Connection Settings

oscarcch.settings.CCH_WSDL = 'file:///home/docs/checkouts/'

Full URL of the CCH WSDL.

oscarcch.settings.CCH_MAX_RETRIES = 2

Max number of times to retry to calculate tax before giving up.

oscarcch.settings.CCH_ENTITY = 'TESTSANDBOX'

Default entity code to send to CCH.

oscarcch.settings.CCH_DIVISION = '42'

Default division code to send to CCH.

oscarcch.settings.CCH_SOURCE_SYSTEM = 'Oscar'

Name of the source system to send to CCH. Defaults to Oscar.

Transaction Settings

oscarcch.settings.CCH_TEST_TRANSACTIONS = True

Whether or not to set the test flag in CCH requests. Defaults to the same value as Django’s DEBUG setting.

oscarcch.settings.CCH_TRANSACTION_TYPE = '01'

CCH Transaction Type Code. Defaults to 01.

oscarcch.settings.CCH_CUSTOMER_TYPE = '08'

CCH Customer Type. Defaults to 08.

oscarcch.settings.CCH_PROVIDER_TYPE = '70'

CCH Provider Type. Defaults to 70.

oscarcch.settings.CCH_FINALIZE_TRANSACTION = False

Whether or not to set the CCH finalize transaction flag. Defaults to False.

Product Taxation Settings

oscarcch.settings.CCH_PRODUCT_SKU = 'ABC123'

Default CCH Product SKU. Can be overridden by creating and setting a Product attribute called cch_product_sku.

oscarcch.settings.CCH_PRODUCT_GROUP = ''

Default CCH Product Group Code. Can be overridden by creating and setting a Product attribute called cch_product_group.

oscarcch.settings.CCH_PRODUCT_ITEM = ''

Default CCH Product Item Code. Can be overridden by creating and setting a Product attribute called cch_product_item.

Other Settings


When using the Simple Integration, this controls whether or not to allow placing an order when the call to CCH for tax calculation fails or times out. Defaults to True. When False and an error occurs, OrderCreator.place_order will raise an Exception.

oscarcch.settings.CCH_PRECISION = Decimal('0.01')

Construct a new Decimal object. ‘value’ can be an integer, string, tuple, or another Decimal object. If no value is given, return Decimal(‘0’). The context does not affect the conversion and is only passed to determine if the InvalidOperation trap is active.

oscarcch.settings.CCH_POSTALCODE_LENGTH = 5

Max length of postal-codes to send to CCH. Defaults to 5. All digits and characters after this limit will be clipped in the SOAP request.

oscarcch.settings.CCH_TIME_ZONE = <DstTzInfo 'America/New_York' LMT-1 day, 19:04:00 STD>